About us

@jam_first was formed on Twitter back in 2013 just for a bit of fun.
The account then gained popularity and moved on to promote Cornwall using the slogan #JamFirst the #OnlyWay the #ProperWay the #CornishWay.

The Twitter account has now surpassed the 8000-follower milestone. After all everyone knows its Jam First on a Cream Tea, right?

In 2014 we created the account @CreamTeaHour to further promote Cornwall using the hashtag #CreamTeaHour every Thursday at 8pm.

This has continued to run every week and to date we have not missed a single week. #CreamTeaHour is hosted by 7 hosts on rotation, Jam First, English Cream Tea, Roddas Cream, Periwinkle Cottage, Boddingtons Berries, Robert Allen and Former Great British bake off contestant James Hillery.

 #CreamTeaHour has since gained a large following and now features on BBC Radio Cornwall’s Tiffany Truscott evening show during the Thursday 8pm slotOver the years #CreamTeaHour has also held 12 hour hosting marathons raising money for local and national charities.

In 2014 we formed a partnership with Cornish comedian Colin Leggo https://twitter.com/colinleggo?s=21 and #CreamTeaHour host English Cream Tea https://twitter.com/englishcreamtea?s=21 to create “How to make a Cream Tea with Colin Leggo” https://youtu.be/sVXVdPBxipk a spoof comedy adaption of the English Cream Tea instructional video “English Cream Tea etiquette”

In 2015 we started to award the accolade #JamFirstPerfection for any perfect Cream Tea photos uploaded to Twitter. This continues into our fifth year.

Later in 2015 we launched a campaign to #BringBackTheSplit following the demise of the traditional Cream Tea base the Cornish Split. This has proved successful with many people baking them at home and led to some Cornish bakers re-stocking them.

In 2018 @Jam_First were asked if we would be interested in taking over the @TeaHourUK Twitter account. #TeaHour as the name suggests is an hour of Tea chat every Tuesday at 7pm. @Jam_First proudly accepted and adopted the 7-host format from sister account @CreamTeaHour.

In 2019 @Jam_First approached local company MAD Cornwall www.MadCornwall.co.uk to develop a new brand identity for our @Jam_First Twitter account.

The new brand identity was due to appear at the Guinness “Largest Cream Tea World Record attempt hosted by Cornwall Hospice. This event was planned for June 2020 at the Royal Cornwall Showground however (as with lots of events) was sadly cancelled due to the Covid 19 outbreak.

Therefore In 2020 under the cloud of Covid 19 the @Jam_First twitter account decided to create a small print run (of only 20) of its very own Jam First Face coverings in an attempt to bring a smile to everyone’s faces. This website www.JamFirst.store was created to sell this amazing new product.

The Jam First Face Covering popularity was boosted by Jam First Ambassadors John Challis (AKA Boycie from Only Fools & Horses) Dawn French and Julia Bradbury who were pictured wearing them on their Twitter accounts. Soon the order had to be increased and to date we have sold over 100 Face Coverings throughout the UK, Europe, USA and Australia. 

Following the success of the Face Coverings the www.JamFirst.store product range has been further expanded to include Car Stickers, Fridge Magnets, Badges, Stickers, Aprons, Tea Towels, Mugs, Beanie hats and even Christmas Cards all bearing the stunning new branding.

More products are currently under development and will be launched in 2021.

Also in 2021 @Jam_First plans to further expand their reach and will be selling JamFirst.store products in a select few outlets around the UK.
Please contact info@jamfirst.store if you are interested in becoming a JamFirst.store outlet.

So, who is @Jam_First?
Well that is some what of a mystery and their identity has been referred
to by some (well by Cornwall Hospice actually) as the Banksy of Scones from Cornwall